What is a General Diploma?

A high school diploma is also known as a general diploma. This type of diploma means that you have completed all of your credits for general studies. This includes physical education, math, language arts, science, and history requirements. This type of diploma is considered a basic diploma because it does not involve any extra or special credits. If you are planning on going to a prestigious or particular university you may want to consider higher placement classes.

American Diploma General Education

Technical/Vocational  Diploma- Students must complete a combination of academic courses and vocational or technical courses.

General Educational Diploma-  Student must complete a certain number of credits and maintain a minimum GPA.

College Prep Diploma - Students must complete a state-mandated curriculum and maintain a certain GPA.

Honors College Prep   - Students must complete a state-mandated curriculum that is complemented by additional rigorous coursework. Students must achieve a high academic level and maintain a certain GPA.

International Baccalaureate - Students must complete a specific two-year international curriculum to meet standards set by The International Baccalaureate Organization. This challenging curriculum is normally completed in the final two years of high school by qualified students who have completed a highly academic pre-baccalaureate curriculum..

Technical/Vocational  Diploma- Students must complete a combination of academic courses and vocational or technical courses.n .


High school students are told that getting a diploma is important. They may also know that it can help them get into college or get a job. A high school diploma, or general diploma, goes much deeper then getting a job. A diploma helps you in several ways physically, emotionally, and mentally. This brief description will help you understand the benefits and importance of achieving your diploma

Are There Other Types of Diplomas?

Most students do not realize that there are other types of diplomas that can be earned during high school. A vocational or technical diploma is a popular alternative. This entails the same requirements as the general kind. In additional to meeting the basic credit requirements, you must also participate in a technical or vocational training class. These are often done outside of school hours through participating programs. Another alternative diploma is called honors college prep. This type entails vigorous coursework and advanced placement classes. If you are interested in furthering your diploma, contact your school's guidance counselor or advisor.

Do Colleges Require You to Have a Diploma?

Most colleges require that you have a diploma in order to be eligible for acceptance. Some colleges make exceptions. Most of them require that you have a General Education Development (GED) or diploma equivalent. A general type of diploma is accepted at most colleges. If you want to attend an exclusive college that has strict requirements, you will need honors college prep diploma, which is often called an honors diploma.

Do Employers Require That You Have a High School Diploma?

A large majority of all United States employers require that you have a high school diploma. Even if you have experience in the field, they want to see that you have completed all of your high school credits. Very few employers do not require a diploma, but these are typically for experience-based positions or if you have a friend or relative who works at the same place and can refer you. Earning your diploma shows that you have completed basic educational requirements. This makes you appear more trainable and qualified to potential employers.

What is the Difference Between a Diploma and a General Education Development?

A GED is legally the same as a high school diploma. It is a series of tests that demonstrate an individual's understanding of general educational requirements. People who dropped out of high school and those who were very far behind in credits often earn a GED. Choosing to acquire a GED instead of a diploma can limit your college options. Most colleges treat it the same as a diploma but will still require you to have high SAT and other test scores.

Many high school students know that a diploma is valuable, but can't define it or list how exactly it will help them. This information can help you better understand high school diplomas, as well as alternative options. Use it to help you decide whether a general diploma is right for your college planning, or if you will need to work on a different diploma type. Graduating high school and earning your diploma will benefit you in college and your career endeavors.



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