Knowledge, Critical Thinking, Global Citizen


  • Mathmatics

    Maya mathematics used the vigesimal system for their calculations - a system based on 20 rather than 10.

  • Algebra

    We will be studying Mathematics through the use of, calculating the pyramids and star alignments.

  • Technology

    All students will be issued a net book to ensure students can research and stay informed with the global community. at all times.

  • Travel

    All students will have a calender of activities one month in advance so as to prepare. All travel classes are mandatory,

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  • Patria Monument in Paseo de Montejo

  • Mérida Plaza Central

  • Playa Progreso, Mérida

  • Cultura Yucateca

  • Chichén Itzá, Mayan Pyramid

  • S.T.E.M. Robotics

  • Chicanna, Mayan Ruins

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Critical Thinking

Middle School

Students will be guided in developing a joy of research,discovering all learning and loving it. No boring classrooms and issues of 15 minute attention spans, its a global classroom of one on one attention and FUN!

Knowledge Seeker

High School

Students will research and solve world issues, be prepared to enter the global world, and help as many along the way. We will focus on core subjecst though hands on uses, such as Dome Homes, Botany, Web Development & Science .

Global School

Language School

Students will be able to study from weeks to year and stay on site in the dorms. Total Immersion is the best  tactics for leaning. Our teaching tactics will have you speaking Spanish the first day of class, translating and writing in Spanish.

Future Bilingual

Online School

The ability to study online from a tropical location, while you learn and practice Spanish. We offer students to receive there" General Education Diploma ~ GED "in advance track class, and provide on site tutoring. Global Classroom.

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  • UniversalOneAcademy
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  • Universal Academy

    Come join our International Global Community, in Mexico, learn math by studying pyramids, study the night skies, learn Spanish and make many new friends and discover the World!
    • UniversalOneAcademy
  • Mayan Pyramids

    Walk with us at Chichen Itza, visit the astronomy building, meditate and enjoy this majestic historical site. We study the mathematics and architecture skills, and have fun in the process.
    • UniversalOneAcademy
  • Robotics Team STEM

    STEM stands for - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - and in classes we make Lego robots, learn programming, participate in competitions. Robots!!
    • UniversalOneAcademy
  • Top Student's SIMS

    Mr. Aragon hands out awards to Young Sims students known as his Philosophers Club and Knoweldge Seekers. He developed the passion to learn and passed that on to his students. Seek Knowledge and Truth.
    • UniversalOneAcademy
  • My fellow teachers

    Participate as a faculty member and help enlighten our youth in this stimulating environment. We teach anyone and share our adventures and teachings with adults and students in a caring, compassionate environment.
    • UniversalOneAcademy
  • Tulum Mayan Ruins

    Discover the ruins of Tulum, situated in the beautiful Mayan Riviera - walk the lovely white sands, and take a swim at this historical site. Learn how this last Mayan stronghold held off thousands of Spanish ships.
    • UniversalOneAcademy
  • Youth Summit

    Join us at conferences and participate in our challenging intellectual discussions. Pictured is a Girls Empowerment Conference in Montbello, Colorado - we always give back to where we come from.
    • UniversalOneAcademy
  • Engaged Minds

    Join our critical thinkers in identifying, addressing and solving problems in this Global World. We draw, paint, create models and discuss our creations and how they will solve problems and change the world.
    • UniversalOneAcademy
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Universal One is devoted to cultivating creative, compassionate and innovative thinkers. An exceptional arts education is essential to this mission. Music, drawing, dance and drama are the oldest forms of creative expression and communicate the human experience directly across time, space, culture and condition. The arts, therefore, are one of the center pieces of Universal One's education, and visual arts, music, theater and dance learning programs will stimulate creative interpretation and curiosity across all subjects as a fundamental component of our integrated curriculum.




 Universal One takes full advantage of its location in one of the most exciting art communities in the world. Our Merida neighborhood offers proximity to many galleries,  museums and  theaters, allowing students to view, first-hand, an enormous variety of original art and performance within walking distance of the school building. Some of our faculty will be drawn from this pool of remarkable talent, while many more will provide guest lectures, workshops and, where possible, mentoring of students at each school level.


Certain kinds of learning can only be delivered by means of the arts. Demanding that one think beyond the given, the arts utilize and expand the imagination. Each art, with its own distinctive vocabulary, is a powerful means of delivering emotions and ideas. We aspire to produce a graduating class of inspired and inspiring young minds, fully prepared not only to participate in the increasingly international dialogue that underpins modern society, but also to lead it. The curiosity and creativity cultivated by an outstanding arts program is essential to achieving this goal.







Students are introduced to musical concepts such as steady beat, rhythm, melody, dynamics, tempo and movement. Students will begin to develop rudimentary musicianship skills through vocal, instrumental, movement and listening experiences. In Middle School both instrumentalists and vocal students participate in ensembles. Over the course of their study of music, students learn and develop a wide range of musical skills, including note and rhythm reading, musical vocabulary and ear training. In High School, composing and improvising provide students with insight into the form and structure of music and help them develop their creativity.  Musical understanding is fundamental to the promotion of creativity and self-exploration and is a crucial vehicle for greater cultural appreciation.














 Visual Arts


Media is key to the development of fine motor skills and aesthetic awareness. The elements of art are introduced- line, shape, form, color, pattern, texture and space - and students are exposed to a variety of art and artists. Class work in art includes art production, art history and art appreciation. Connections between visual arts and other disciplines are encouraged as students develop their appreciation and understanding of art. In the upper grades students continue to explore the elements of art with deeper emphasis on skills and techniques.


New tools and materials such as photography and film are introduced, and students begin to explore the distinctions between the real and the abstract. From the Middle School music media lab to the High School art labs and studios, students will have access to all the facilities and technological tools necessary to explore and investigate to their fullest the communicative potential of different media and materials. Personal expression is encouraged in the observation and production of art.  Students develop their critical abilities by reflecting upon and assessing the characteristics and merits of their own work and the work of others, while they expand their cultural awareness through a cross-cultural study of art history.


Students will be inspired to explore the issues of our time through artistic expression. Local artists will serve as lecturers and, on occasion, mentors to art students in the High School. This initiative will enhance learning skills across disciplines for every student, at every school level, and will provide students with access to contemporary world art on a scale unusual in 6-12 education.




Drama holds up a mirror to the world of human experience. Experiences in dramatic play begin in our Middle School and continue through the High School. By working cooperatively with their peers, students will develop communication skills and sensitivity to others. Through active participation in the theater program, students will graduate with poise, self-confidence, empathy and a deep appreciation of hard work and the pursuit of excellence. From Middle School performances bringing stories to life, to High School explorations of more sophisticated literature and theatrical techniques in our Theater, students will gain confidence and a deeper understanding of consequence and variety of perspective.




Experiences in participating in and responding to dance expand students’ movement vocabularies, enhance their listening and viewing skills, and enable them to begin thinking critically about dance as an art form. Through dance education, students also learn about cultural roots of various dance forms and how dance is expressive of cultural heritage, thus continuing to broaden their global perspective. The study of dance at Universal One will start with Aztec and Mayan Indigenous Dance, and will promote the development of strength and coordination while stimulating self-exploration and creative potential.  We will go to Mexico City to the Palacio de Bellas Artes and view firsthand the Indigenous Dances of Mayan and Aztec as well as Classical Performances. We will also do the same in our campuses in the future.


Students who choose to further their dance education in the upper grades will continue movement exploration with the study of technique, body awareness and choreography. 

Chichen Itza, Yuctan

Students will study at the sites of Ancient Mayans

Other Global Classroom is no longer indoors, students learn better as well as adult with hands on, and on site research.Students look forward to each day of learning  knowledge of our planet and mankind.

World Geography and Sociology

There are nearly 20 Mayan ruins sites on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico lands of Ancient Maya, just minutes  away from school students will be on site learning and recording life long memories.

No longer will your student be bored!


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