Upper SchoolThe decesions of Learning

*High School

Welcome to the Universal One International Academy School. Our philosophy in High School is the same as the Middle School 

Our mission is to graduate every student prepared for a Global Community including:

*Fluency in three languages;

*Exposure to multiple cultures and World history and Future Issues;

*Competence in Computer Technology;

*Early excellence in a particular area is an important part of success in life. It teaches perseverance and builds confidence; and even if that interest is not a lifelong pursuit, the lessons of mastery in one area are transferable to others.

We will encourage students to help them discover and develop their particular passions, thereby allowing students to pursue their areas of interest, supported by Faculty coaching and a superb Technological Infrastructure.

Should you choose to apply, we look forward to getting to know you. We hope this has helped you get to know us better.

A Universal One graduate will be able to speak to anyone on any subject. Students are trained on critical thinking and assessing things applying logic and love. Students change the way they  act in the following:  *Investigate, analyse and assess global affairs; Deal with and solve real global problems; Evaluate sources of information for credibility, with an understanding of the implications, evidence, alternatives and solutions to problems. We focus on Science, Mathematics, Art, and Computer Programming.