Language Institute Of Americas Study Espanol in the tropics.

Language Institute of the Americas

Language Institute of America is a branch of Universal One International Academy, our language courses are full immersion classes. Each student will be paired with local and on-line friends to communicate with daily. We will use appropriate academic grammar, learn colloquialisms and read literature in English and Spanish.

  1. We teach you that you already know over 500 words the first day of class;
  2. We go over tricks of the trade and how to work on conjugating words the first day;
  3. We begin to write in Espanol and translate into English;
  4. You will travel to the market to purchase goods and communicate with locals of the city;
  5. We will practice using correct accents and even teach what each slang words;
  6. On-line Espanol and English games and video will also be used.

Many on-line language schools use traditional methods to teach school, which are inevitably boring and less engaging. Often  the competition requires that you sign contracts and purchase recycled learning material.Universal One takes considerable pride in the value of our innovative teaching methods.

We have implemented features offered by Skyp and OoVoo and you are able to learn from anywhere in the world, which accommodates your availability, personality, and learning style  Join us!