Universal One International Academy was founded to fill the void of Knowledge between politics and education. We have travelled Latin America for the last 8 years studying education systems of the AMERICAS. Doing this gives us a special insight to what the future is holding for our youth and planet.  No schools are preparing student for RIGHT NOW type of training. We are allowing to many kids slip though the cracks within any general area of Knowledge, only test taking with plenty of distractions and excuses on why they don’t learn or want to learn. Universal One keeps kids engaged daily.

Global Mobile Classroom

Now of days kids get bored after 15 min of lectures, those days are over. Here at Universal One our classroom is out side visiting areas of study learning in a mobile classroom where kids enjoy everyday they attend and never want to leave. In a very short time we will teach your child another language and instil what all parents want for there kids to be excited to learn and share with family members of there findings.

Universal One International Academy

Is a Knowledge based Institution that focuses on the Sciences of the Universe.
A global curriculum to get students ready for real world application, with a focus on Science,  Web Development, Engineering,  Nutrition, Astronomy, Languages and History. Located in the Heart of Mayan lands, we utilize the mathematical masterpieces of the pyramids and structures to captivate the minds of the youth and propel them into future leaders of the planet.

Our Mission

Objectively  empower the youth of the Americas. We need to teach kids how to critical think and seek for Knowledge on all world issues, poverty, world hunger, communication, and energy.

Our Values

Knowledge is what we value more than any test, if we all focus on solving the issues of the globe from an early age we will produce the new innovative technology of the past, present and future. We need to return to the times of ancient ancestors and value (Knowledge).

Our Solution

Engage worldwide solving worldwide crises with web-enabled technology and videos and discussion.  We engage students on the same frequency there creative minds are capable of and increase it to what they didn’t think they could do.
Our staff all come from a International background, each teacher, wither guest or permit have travelled to various country’s to live and or visit. Each of us teach with a global  focus set to all lessons, we provide examples of how each new piece of knowledge can be applied to a solve a situation or life issue.
Our focus as a staff is to bring various ideas,tactics and points of view to each student to allow them to begin to ask questions to solidify there understanding and increase there knowledge base.
Mother(left) and Son(right) founders have always been interested in the pursuit of Knowledge and were able to take all there life travels, experiences and knowledge and open up the first of a chain of academy’s in Latin America.
Universal One International Academy Headquarters
204 E 101 St
Los Angeles, California 90001-USA
(720) 550-3738  Denver
(323) 605-2327  Los Angeles